A Shift in My Perspective

By Abhishek P.

Like many other engineering students, I had no expectations from this class. Honestly l just thought this is going to be one more engineering class where I’ll learn something to never use again in real life. As the semester progressed, I noticed a shift in my perspective regarding the application of the things i’ve learned in engineering school. All in a sudden this class opened vast possibilities where the trivial knowledge that I think I possessed is applicable to vast populations of this planet who lack basic necessities and struggle everyday for survival.

In 2017, you’d expect with the advancement of the technology, world’s problems such as electricity, food and water for everyone on the planet would be solved but it is not the case. As the divide between the rich and the poor in the society widens, all the advancements in technology has systematically favored the rich and powerful, which can be seen as unintended consequences of capitalism. Talking about what is wrong with the society is often easy as
compared to coming up with solutions. This is where Engineering for Social change really plays an important part. This class has taught me that it is possible for a motivated person to bridge this gap between poor and rich using the technology taken for granted in first world and cheap and easy application of that same technology in third world.

Apart from altering my perspective of the knowledge I possess, this class also helped me develop soft skills that’ll be necessary for a future engineer to bridge the above mentioned gap between the rich and poor. From nonprofit engagement to an engaged class room lectures, this class has went beyond my wildest expectations to help students to develop their skills to better communicate amongst their peers and outside world. Although this class was
not focused on soft skills development, just the fact that they designed the course in such a way that active social engagement from every student would be a requirement was the most appealing part of this course to me.

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