Engineering Involves Everything

By Amar C.

I personally believe that this course has influenced myself in several ways. To begin with, I am an international exchange student whose home university courses do not seem
anything like this one. There are not that dynamic and does not enable that much student participation as well as real project involvement. Therefore, overall I am quite impressed.

Most of the previous courses I have taken are relatively related to technical topics. I think it was the first time that I cover the actual influence that my professional career could make with that variety of examples. They use presentations following most of the guidelines of the book. Note that it is key to mention the opportunity of give a $10,000 grant to an engineering project of a non-profit organization. It has been quite a responsibility that professors could believe in us to give away that amount wisely.

In this course I have learned that an engineer could be involved in endless areas. This includes from medicine, energy, finance or artificial intelligence. Specifically engineers these days are being more valued for their social awareness and sustainable solutions more than ever. They could generate solutions that could make a social change and solve the unintended consequence generated from previous projects or technologies.

To sum up, I think that this course would help engineering students to raise global awareness and that their studies go beyond such technical issues. Also, if they are willing to do so, they could generate a social impact starting with the non-profit organization project.

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