Engineering is a Significant Key

By Arnold G.

When I first saw the saying on the front of the book “Engineering is not just engineering”. I was not sure what to make of it. Now that the semester is over, I know exactly what this means and how important saying is. I am glad to say that I have learned a lot during this class and am really pleased I took this class.

At the beginning of this class, it reminded me of the ethics class, ENEE200, I took a while back. We started talking about ethics and we had a wonderful presenter the first day. It was clear that this class form the first day that it was not going to be a typical class. The following presenter were also very good, some more than others, but everyone had always something interesting to teach. Some of the most interesting topic, in my opinion, were unintended consequences, philanthropy, and the impact of engineering on society. These topics were remarkable because each taught me something essential.

Working with the nonprofit organization also helped me realized that a lot is being done to help others but it is certainly not enough. Which is why I think taking this class was really fulfilling and learning all those topics, aided me understand what is the better thing to do when faced with an idea/project at hand designed to help others. There is so much more thought that needs to be put towards this idea other than just good intentions. Engineering is a significant key that affects all of society in one way or another.

In conclusion, I believe this class is really important for engineer students to make sure they learn how important their actions are and teach them their responsibilities.

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